ISTOK AUDIO GROUP at the Integration 2017 exhibition

ISTOK AUDIO GROUP has become the participant of the 6th international exhibition of rehabilitation equipment «Integration 2017 — Moscow». The exhibition took place at Expocenter at Krasnaya Presnya from 14th till 16th of June. During these 3 days Istok Audio Group has presented to exhibition’s visitors its best rehabilitation equipment for hearing industry, education, communication needs and for the creation of accessible environment and also has presented several new products.

A new product in company’s portfolio is the system for rehabilitation of disabled people and people with genetic illnesses. It is the equipment produced by the Tobii Dynavox company (Sweden), which helps a person to control a PC using eye movements. This technology is called «eye-tracking» and today it is used by thousands of people around the world for study, work or communication. Even totally immobilized people can use eye-tracking. Any visitor on exhibition had the chance to test Tobii Dynavox device and try to control PC using his eyes movements only.

A new dot-and-dash communicator for deafblind people has been developed by the engineers of Istok Audio as well.  person can text a message using dot-and-dash and this message is transferred to his interlocutor’s mobile device (smartphone or tablet). A special app installed on smartphone or tablet can transform this message into a regular text, which can be read on a display. An answer is also transformed from the message to dot-and-dash and reproduced on deafblind person’s communicator.

Another innovative development of Istok Audio is BAGIRA PRO hearing aid. It’s the most intelligent hearing aid of Russian origin. It has been created as alternative to expensive imported models. It combines all needed functions which has any modern hearing aid. Among them are:

  • 16 channels for sound treatment,

  • 16-band equalizer,

  • environment analyzer,

  • automatic programs,

  • adaptive feedback noise reduction system incl. reduction of impulse noise,

  • tinnitus masker.

Bagira PRO costs less than its foreign analogs, but has the same quality and same number of functions. Bagira PRO hearing aids series are suitable for any hearing loss degree.

A special stand has been dedicated to our Protez Studio lab. In this lab our anaplastology specialists make individual cosmetic finger and facial ecto prosthesis. These prosthesis help people to hide the defects of different body parts. The prosthesis can be fixed with glue, eyeglass frame (orbit, nose prosthesis), with osseointegtated implants of with the vacuum effect (finger prosthesis).

A large part of Istok Audio exposition has been dedicated to inclusive education and creation of the accessible environment for hearing and visually impaired people and for disabled. A big range of equipment for complex no-barrier equipment has been presented at our stand. This range includes equipment for houses, schools, universities, hospitals, public institutions and adjacent territories: e.g. ramps, handrails, educational toys and simulators, creeping lines, home assistive systems etc.

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