The 7th International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation Equipment INTEGRATION19 MOSCOW and the 2nd Russian Forum for orthopedics and rehabilitation techniques were both a success

Two most expected events of this summer in rehabilitation equipment industry – the 7th international trade fair “Integration’19 Moscow” and the 2nd Russian Forum for orthopedics and rehabilitation techniques – took place in Forum Pavilion of the Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex in Krasnaya Presnya on June 25-27th, 2019.

The Trade Fair was organized by the OOO “Messe Dusseldorf Moscow” in partnership with Leipziger Messe International GmbH, supported by the world’s leading exhibitions REHACARE (Dusseldorf, Germany) and OTWorld (Leipzig, Germany) as well as by the following social organizations: All-Russian Society of  Disabled People (VOI), All-Russian Society of the Deaf (VOG), All-Russia Association of the Blind (VOS), Rehabilitation center “Overcoming”, Russian Disability Non-Governmental Organization Perspektiva, and many others.

More than 100 exhibitors from 9 countries introduced their innovations for rehabilitation equipment. The saturated business program included over 60 specialized events with participation of 130 Russian and international speakers. More than 3090 registered guests attended the Trade Fair and the Forum. The event’s activities were covered by journalists from federal, local and specialized media sources.

The Integration’s opening ceremony started with the performance of Prokhor Shalyapin (Russian popular singer) and the Anthem of Russia accompanied by sign interpretation and dancing of children with hearing disorder from the “Angels of Hope” creative team. Having cut the symbolic red tape, representatives of the executive body and social organizations for people with disabilities as well as Russian and foreign participants of the trade fair addressed the fair guests with welcome speeches.

The trade fair’s first day started with an integrational fashion show “I continue to walk..” that was organized by the non-commercial organization “Open World” with participation of physically challenged ladies as models.

This year, twenty-two German companies for the first time presented their innovations and new developments at their national German stand at Integration’19 Trade Fair. Industry specialists became an opportunity to exchange experiences with their foreign colleagues.

The Trade Fair organizers managed to gather together, on the same premise, goods manufacturers as well as their consumers who had a chance to test devices of the presented brands. On June 26th, on the fair’s sports ground there took place the “Big school of Orthotists”, organized by the German Association of Orthopedic Technology (BIV-OT, Germany). Ottobock Company invited the Paralympic champion and running clinic coach, Heinrich Popow, to do training for running with a prosthetic leg.

The event’s business program struck a chord in the hearts of all representatives of the industry. The exhibitors and the visitors of the trade fair emphasized the high professional level of the event’s organization. The four conference halls hosted such significant events as conference “Barrier-free Environment”, Pediatric Rehabilitation symposium, round table discussion for “Particularities of state procurement for prosthetic and orthopedic appliances in Russia and abroad”, Round Table Discussion for orthotists, “Barrier-free Environment” Research-to-practice conference, conference for Modern technologies for psychological assistance and psycho-social rehabilitation in the state and social sector of mental health service, Big School of Orthotists, conference for chiropodists.


At the open forum platform, international manufacturers made reports and presentations, introducing their newest developments and technologies for rehabilitation techniques.


Among the most known exhibitors of the 7th International Trade Fair Integration’19 Moscow were the following companies: ARMED, OTTO BOCK, Vertical, VITA-ORTA, Special Equipment Plant, Istok-Audio, Katarzhina, KINEZIS, MEYRA, Metiz, MProP, Fidel-mobility, EXPRESS-ORTO, STREIFENENDER, Ossic and many others.

Leading manufacturers from Russia and foreign countries showed their newest technologies for barrier-free environment creation, effective methods for social adaptation as well as innovative solutions for people with disabilities.

For the first time in the Integration’s history there was organized online broadcasting of operations on arthroscopic reconstructions that were made live by surgeons from Leipzig.

As usual, creative master classes were held and accessible table games were available during Integration Trade Fair. No one was able to pass by the most charming and touching participants of the exposition – guide dogs. Exhibition performances of para-karate and stand-up entertainers were very successful with the audience.


June 27th, the third day of the trade fair, was traditionally announced a “Family day”. Parents and relatives learned about new appliances that they will be able to use in their everyday life when taking care of children with special needs. And children were able to take part in different specially prepared competitions and master classes.

The trade fair’s third day opened with a high-profile ceremony for winners of VORDI’s “Thank you from parents” Award, established by all-Russian public organization “All-Russian Organisation for Parents of Children and Disabled People over 18 years of age with Physical or Mental Disabilities” VORDI, representing their interests.

One of the main topics for the 3rd day of the Forum became rehabilitation of disabled children with nervous disorder and musculoskeletal diseases. During that day parents and their children had a unique opportunity to get initial consultations on technical rehabilitation and orthopedics for children with disabilities. Examination and consultation at the fair were made in specially equipped wards by specialists from Morozov’s Children’s Hospital, as well as Applied Research Centre for medical assistance for Children named after V.F.Voyno-Yasinetsky and Ottobock. Russia and OGONEK Rehabilitation Centre.

The exhibitors and visitors emphasized the incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere that facilitated fruitful work during all the three days that the trade fair was held.

Comments from Integration’19 Moscow exhibitors and visitors


Ottobock Company

Sergey Ovchinnikov, Head of Marketing Department

During the last several years the Trade Fair has definitely become one of the most remarkable events in the prosthetic and orthopedic industry. It was for the first time that the trade fair was visited by a large number of prosthetic users who were interested in new appliances and technologies as well as in rehabilitation programs.

I would like to make a special remark on the saturated business program that united specialists from all over Russia.

During the trade fair we held several seminars for specialists and users of appliances. Despite some technical difficulties, we are grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to speak in front of a wide audience that consisted of specialists from different countries.

Ottobock company has taken part in all Integration trade fairs since 2011. We believe that if the organizers manage to preserve their aspiration and approach, the trade fair will continue to develop and attract more and more participants and visitors.


Moscow prosthetic and orthopedic enterprise (Moscow ProP)

Alexander Bystrov, Manager

“Integration” means a perfect atmosphere, good organization with no complicated situations. Here you can find a big variety of appliances, meet different colleagues, booths of other companies; a lot of events are taking place here – we had only positive impressions!

We set for ourselves the following key tasks: communication with colleagues, attendance at forums and thematic events, meetings with colleagues from other regions as well as advertising and distribution of goods, demonstration and study of new appliances and modernizations. We can say that we have already fulfilled all these tasks!

Besides, we even made an agenda for every day! It was our organization that took part in the All-Russian international industry competition for prosthetists that took place during the Russian Forum for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation technique 2019 (RFORT), and our speakers were present in all conference halls every day.

We are a constant participant of this trade fair and we plan to take part in it in the future because for us, it is a certain stage of our work!



Andrey Matveychik, Sales Director 

We liked the organization of the Integration Trade Fair, as well as our booth for goods demonstration and the audience on the whole! Our competitors were also present here, which was a perfect reason for meeting them, discussing the market situation, talking to each other, setting points for development, seeing other companies’ goods, meeting end users, and planning nearest sales.

Besides, our company had an opportunity to speak on the main stage and to present our model. It was a new experience for us!

Our company takes part in the trade fair for the second time, and we are grateful to the organizers for the invitation!



Anastasia Kapchits, Marketing Department representative

We are taking part in every season of Integration Trade Fair and can say; its organization is on the highest level!

The main target for our participation is to support our image. Besides, during the trade fair we had a convention of our dealers where we spoke to our representatives from different regions. We were actively approached by blind guests who tried our goods and gave us their valuable feedback that will be taken into account. 

We plan to participate at this trade fair in the future, as there is nowhere we could get without Integration!



Merits-Rus Production

Ilya Ershov, Development Manager

We participate at this trade fair for the second time, therefore our main goal was to make us known. But we also look at others and see that there appear our competitors who come up and express interest in our goods.

In our turn, we assess the situation. Therefore, we think that the trade fair is very useful as we always need to show our capabilities and develop something new that will be useful for people with disabilities.

Besides, at the trade fair there were introduced lots of equipment and innovations that we have never expected.

For sure we would like to take part in the next Integration so that we could show and prove that we are a strong team and that we have got even higher!



Denis Stepanov, Development Manager 

The second day turned out to be the busiest for us: people are interested in new and old models, ask questions, make test drives. We met with those who we had not seen before and had only been acquainted via Instagram, we made an order agreement.

Our feelings after participation at the trade fair are the most positive!


Special equipment plant

Polina Myasnikova, Manager

We liked it that workshops and conferences became accessible to everyone: any person can come and listen to what they are interested in.

This year we became an exclusive representative of a Polish company in Russia. At this trade fair we set a task that was to tell about the new goods in as much detail as possible because these goods have never been presented in Russia and are only known to a narrow community of specialists who use them for rehabilitation. We wanted to show that with all their technical complicity and innovativeness these appliances are absolutely clear in use and are accessible to ordinary people who have children with special needs. And we managed to solve this task as on the third day we were off legs and unable to talk! We managed to cover a maximum number of people who visited the trade fair.


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